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The Philippines

When conducting research on the Philippines see the recommended books listed here, including pages 493-620 of the Historical Dictionary of the Philippines (3rd edition). This will provide a good introduction to sources on the country. For a book on the latest developments and a guide to the key issues and debates on the Philippines today see the Routledge Handbook of the Contemporary Philippines. 2018. For articles see especially the database CIPPA and the Bibliography of Asian Studies.


Historical Dictionary of the Philippines 3rd Edition

Historical Dictionary of the Philippines 3rd Edition

Philippines (World Bibliographical Series)

Philippines (World Bibliographical Series)

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CIPPA: Computerized Index to Philippine Periodical Articles

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Other Resources

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Book Chapters

A New Demand for Old Tests: Philippine Metrical Romances in the Early Twentieth Century

Internal migration and security issues and challenges confronting Central and Southern Mindanao, Philippines

The Revitalized Philippine-U.S. Security Relations: The Triumph of Bilateralism Over Multilateralism in Philippine Foreign Policy?

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