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Effects of Intensification of the Traditional Farming System on the Environment and Bio-safety of the Human Population: Nipah Virus Outbreak in Malaysia

Spatial Clustering of SMEs in Penang

The Development of Economic Clusters in Community-Based Rural Tourism: Case Studies of Three Villages in the East Coast of Malaysia

Value Chain Analysis of Rural Product Clusters in Perak, Malaysia

Infrastructure and trade costs in Malaysia: The importance of FDI and Exports

Rural clustering at incipient stages of economic development: hand-weaving clusters in Lao PDR

Case study of Laos : prospects for a Vientiane Special Economic Zone

Job’s Tear Reduces Poverty in Mountainous Areas of Lao People’s Democratic Republic

PRSPs and civil society participation in Lao PDR

Monitoring the Country Profile of Lao PDR: Need for an Institutionalized System of Data Collection and Monitoring