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The global popular and the local obscure : televised sport in contemporary Singapore

Validity and Reliability of OMRON HJ-005 Pedometer in Quantifying Field-Based Physical Activity Among Singaporean Children

Perceptions of Parental Autonomy Support and Control, and Aspirations of Student Athletes in Singapore

The Nature and Promotion of Physical Activity in Singaporean Youths

Investing in Human Capital: Policy Leadership and Structural Alignment of Coach Education in Singapore

Anthropology days, the construction of whiteness, and American imperialism in the Philippines

Appropriating Ethnicities: Dance Discourses within a Country – Philippines

Convergence of Diverse Cultural Backgrounds as Discourse of Contemporary Dance in Malaysia

Representing True Laos in Post-Colonial Southeast Asia: Regional Dynamics in the Globalization of Sport

‘Dances in the Manner of the Other People’ and the Way of Educating Minority Cultures in Laos