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Kroch Library Asia Collections

Olin: Closed - Full Hours /

Divinity School of Chung Chi College, 崇基学院神学院

Guangdong Union Theological Seminary, 广东协和神学院

National Union Theological Seminary, 金陵协和神学院

Buddhist College of Shiqu Jiangma, 石渠江玛佛学院

Covenant Evangelical Theological Seminary, 圣约福音神学院

Hangzhou Buddhist Academy, 杭州佛学院

The Buddhist Academy of China, 中国佛学院

Minnan Buddhist Academy, 闽南佛学院

Institute for the Study of Buddhism and Religious Theory, Renmin University of China 中国人民大学佛教与宗教学理论研究所

Institute of Religious Studies of Sichuan University 四川大学道教与宗教文化研究所