Please check hours until our regular schedule returns on February 7th. Visiting researchers are permitted in CUL special collections by appointment only.
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Chinese Text Project, 中国哲学书电子化计划

Philosophical Researches, 哲学研究

Philosophical Analysis, 哲学分析

Modern Philosophy, 现代哲学

Taiwan Philosophical Association, 台湾哲学学会

International Society for Chinese Philosophy, 国际中国哲学学会

Association for History of Chinese Philosophy, 中国哲学史学会

School of Philosophy and Society, Jilin University 吉林大学哲学社会学院

Faculty of Philosophy, Nankai University 南开大学哲学院

School of Philosophy and Social Development, Shandong University 山东大学哲学与社会发展学院