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Writing Medical Histories of Southeast Asia: Comparative Approaches to Disease, Health and Healing

Cultural Underpinnings of the Wildlife Trade in Southeast Asia

The Evolution and Ecology of Dry Tropical Forest Gingers (Zingiberaceae) in Southeast Asia

Ecology and Distribution of Sympatric Asiatic Black Bears and Sun Bears in the Seasonally Dry Forests of Southeast Asia

Seasonally Dry Tropical Forests in Continental Southeast Asia: Structure, Compostion, and Dynamics

Fire Management in South and Southeast Asia’s Seasonally Dry Forests: Colonial Approaches, Current Problems, and Perspectives

Territorialization and the entertainment industry of the Shaw Brothers in Southeast Asia

The Civilizing Cinema Mission: Colonial Beginnings of Film in Indochina

RELC’s Role in ELT in Southeast Asia (1968 to 2002): Mediating Between the Centre and the Periphery

Global vs. Glocal English: Attitudes and Conceptions among Educators, Administrators and Teachers in Eight Asian Countries