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Conversion to Mission Christianity among the Kachin of Upper Burma 1877-1972 / La Seng Dingrin

Sacred Site or Public Space? The Shwedagon Pagoda in Colonial Rangoon

The Relic and the Rule of Righteousness: Reflections on U Nu’s Dhammavijaya

Liberation as Struggle: Overcoming Karmic Fatalism in Shan State, Burma

Burmese Buddhism’s Impact on Social Change: The Fatalism of Samsara and Monastic Resistance

Regional Representation of Myanmar Buddhism in Northern, Eastern and North Eastern India

Mapping Burma and northern Thailand in 1795 : Francis Hamilton’s critical accounts of native maps (Burma)

Muslim institutions and the desecuritization of the Muslim community in Myanmar

The Burmese Nats: between sovereignty and autochthony

Sri Lankan and Myanmar Buddhism