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Study Spaces

Maps showing all study spaces in Kroch Library

Reading Rooms

Rawson Reading Room - Kroch Room B60

Cho Room - Kroch Room B59

Thanks to the generous support of the Cho family, the Cornell University Library offers a reading room for graduate students in the Asia programs, which also serves as a seminar room for classes that rely on close proximity to the Cho Room collections. The Cho Room houses selected core reference works and graduate study reserved readings on East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia as well as Asian artwork on loan from the Johnson Art Museum.

This room is reserved for graduate level seminars (500-700 level) as well as occasional library-sponsored events, with priority given to Asia-related events.

The Cho room offers wireless Internet access, a white board, and seating capacity for 8-10 people around the conference table with a total room capacity of 21 chairs (extra seating provided along the wall).

To reserve the Cho Room, users can contact Lisa Lefever by phone, at 255-9777, or by email choreserv-L@cornell.edu.

Please include the following when making reservations:

1.      Title, purpose and sponsor of the event

2.      Event contact person and information

3.      Date and time of event (plan for set-up and clean-up time)

Responsibilities of reserving party:

  • No food is permitted in the Cho Room; only covered beverages are permitted in this space.
  • Event sponsors are responsible for reserving and setting up any additional equipment that may be needed for the event. 
  • Event sponsors must cancel reservations when room is no longer needed to allow others to reserve the space.
  • The room must be returned to its original condition.

Lockers, Carrels and Research Spaces

Day Lockers - Kroch Level 1

There are 12 day lockers available to registered undergraduate and graduate students. No application is required; simply sign out a key at the Olin circulation desk. There is no fee for day lockers.

Semester Lockers - Kroch Level 1 and Level B

Registered graduate and undergraduate students may apply for a semester-long reserved locker. The fee is $20 per semester; apply on or after the first day of classes at the Olin circulation desk.

Graduate Student Carrels - Kroch Rooms B24-B58

Carrels in Kroch Level B can be reserved by registered graduate students who have completed A level exams. Carrels are open, but with locking cabinets and drawers. There is a $20 one time fee, with online renewal each semester (spring renewals carry over the summer). Application for a carrel can be completed online.

Faculty Research Spaces - Kroch Level B

Faculty and instructors with specific research projects that require heavy use of the Kroch Library collections may apply for a faculty research space. Note: all spaces are shared and availability is limited. Applications may be wait-listed until a space becomes available. Joint applications are encouraged. Fee is a $30 deposit for the year. To apply, contact okcarrels@cornell.edu.