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October 2007 Wason Update

Vol. 1 No. 5, October 11, 2007

Interview Schedule for Japanese Bibliographer Candidates

Cornell University Library’s search committee for Japanese Bibliographer has invited three candidates for on-campus interview. The brief backgrounds of these candidates and their interview schedules are as follows.

(1) Hotoshi Kamada

Master of Public Administration, University of Victoria, Canada, 2002
Master of Library and Information, University of Western Ontario, Canada, 1996
Bachelor of Arts, History, Doshisha University, Japan, 1994

Current Position:
Japanese Studies Librarian, University of Arizona Library, 1999-present

Date of Interview: October 15 (Monday), 2007

(2) Thomas Joshua Young

Ph.D., East Asian Literature, Cornell University, 2003
M.A., East Asian Literature, Cornell University, 1994
B.A., Asian Studies, Carleton College, 1987

Current Position:
Post-Doctoral Researcher and Project Manager, JPARC Development Project for Cornell East Asia Program and the Global Performing Arts Consortium, 2007-present

Date of Interview: October 24 (Wednesday), 2007

(3) Daniel McKee

Ph.D., Pre-Modern and Modern Japanese Literature /Japanese Art History, 2007
M.A., Japanese Literature, Cornell University, 2001
M.F.A., Creative Writing, Syracuse University, 1999
B.A., Comparative Literature, Rutgers University, 1989

Current Position:
Curator, The Clark Center for Japanese Art and Culture, Hanford, California
Adjunct Professor, California State University at Fresno

Date of Interview: November 5 (Monday), 2007

All these candidates will give a presentation: Trends and Directions in Japanese Studies and Japanese Studies Librarianship during their interview.

Wason Monographs Slated for Digitization

According to the partnership agreement between Cornell University Library and Microsoft, around 100,000 English-language monographs in public domain are targeted for digitalization in 2007-2008. The first batch of materials selected will be those published before 1923 and housed at Olin Library and the Engineering Library. Accordingly, 3,036 volumes of monographs held by the Wason Collection (2,500 at Kroch Asia stacks and 536 at the Annex) have been picked for digitalization. While the majority of the materials selected from the Wason Collection will be transported to Victor, New York for digitization by Kirtas Technologies sometime late this year, a small portion of rare and fragile material will be scanned onsite at Cornell using a Kirtas scanning machine.

It will take three months for a selected imprint to complete the digitalization process. The on-line public catalog can inform users that certain items are checked out, but it will not be able to tell users whether these items are checked out for digitization. This can only be found out through searching the MARC records of these items. Public service staff can provide assistance in this regard. If users request titles that are checked out for this project, their requests will automatically be transferred to Interlibrary Loan or Borrow Direct. In the case that an item requested is not available through Interlibrary Loan or Borrow Direct, it will be recalled back from Kirtas Technologies in Victor by the following day  for the user.

By the end of 2007, users should be able to access Cornell’s digitalized books through this project at the Microsoft Live Book site (now in beta version):

In addition to the Microsoft delivery platform, Cornell Library is working on developing its own delivery mechanism. Several delivery options have been assessed. One of the scenarios reviewed involves linking the PDF versions of the books to the Voyager records.

The current agreement with the Microsoft doesn’t involve CJK materials.

China: Trade, Politics, and Culture 1793-1980

The digital collection China: Trade, Politics, and Culture 1793-1980 is now available at Cornell University Library for a 4-week trial period:

Username: CHINA12
Password: REEMET47

Due to a special agreement, the Wason Collection will receive a 50% discount if we purchase it by the end of October, 2007.

This digital collection includes a wide variety of original source material held by the SOAL library of the University of London and the British Library as well as additional material from the British National Archives (Kew Garden), Cambridge University Library, Duke University Library, Yale Divinity Library and the National Library of New Zealand. The collection details China's interaction with the West from Macartney's first Embassy to China in 1793 to the Nixon visits to China in 1972. It provides indexed original manuscripts that are full-text searchable, double-keyed printed versions interchangeable with JPG image files, interactive maps, as well as numerous paintings, drawings, photographs, sketches, and ephemeral items. It is convenient for researchers. It is also a useful tool for teaching as it makes a substantial body of English language primary source material relating to Modern China accessible to students and thus enables them to do real research using original documents.

Union Catalogs in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the U.K and Europe

In the September issue of Wason Update, we introduced the union catalog systems in the United States (WorldCat, Mainland China (CALIS, Japan (Webcat Plus, and Korea (KOLIS-Net In this issue, we would like to provide further information regarding the union catalog systems in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the union catalog systems in the UK and Europe for Chinese studies.

(1) Taiwan: National Bibliographic Information Network (NBINet)


A total of 79 libraries in Taiwan, including major academic libraries, participate in this system. From the link, users can also get access to individual participating libraries.

(2) Hong Kong: Hong Kong Academic Library Union Catalog,CUHK:INNOPAC,cithk:INNOPAC,HKBU:INNOPAC,hkpu:INNOPAC,Lingnan:INNOPAC,HKU:INNOPAC#

Seven university libraries in Hong Kong participate in this system.

(3) Singapore: National Library Board Catalog

This system covers all academic, public, and government libraries in Singapore.

(4) UK Union Catalog of Chinese Book

A total of seven academic libraries in the UK participate in this system

(5) European: European Virtual OPA for Chinese Studies (EVOCS)

Seventeen major West European libraries involved in Chinese studies participate in this system.

Elimination of International Surface Mail by the USPS and Its Impact

Effective May 14, 2007, the USPS made a major change in its international mail service that restricts shipping options to air mail only. Traditionally, American libraries used surface mail to send books overseas for exchange programs. Shifting from surface mail to air mail would significantly increase shipping cost and bring about a negative effect on overseas book exchange programs.