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November 2007 Wason Update

Vol. 1 No. 6, November 16, 2007

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Acquisition of Chinese films with English Subtitles

Wason Chinese Collection has recently acquired and catalogued 42 DVD movies with English subtitles. These movies are of distinctive style and genre. Some of them are war movies, such as San Ba Xian Shang 三八线上. Others are classics like Ku Cai Hua 苦菜花.

Still others are contemporary ones like Fu Zi 父子and San Xiao 三笑. Among them are also movies produced in Taiwan or Hong Kong. With English subtitles these movies can be used as supplementary materials for teaching Chinese history/culture to students less proficient in Chinese language. More DVD movies of this kind have been ordered. The list of the titles of the 42 DVD movies is attached with this email as an Excel file. 

To assist showing these movies to a class a region-code free TV and monitor is available from Wason Collection for use in the Cho Room in the library. Navigate to the to fill out the online Cho Room Reservation Form to reserve the equipment.

Relocation of Asian Microfilm and Microfiche

The library is planning to move Asian microfilms and microfiche from the current locations to Olin Library Level B area. It won’t begin until Winter Break time. Asian fiche is now stored in the Asian Reading Room, and films are shelved in the Asian stacks. The two microfilm/fiche readers will also be moved to Olin Level B along with the films/fiche. This move will empty 780 book shelves to make room for newly acquired books. We’ll notify you about exactly where the Asian microfilm/fiche to be housed when the move is underway.

Documents on Liang Sicheng 梁思成and Lin Huiyin 林徽因

A five-member film crew led by producer Hu Jingcao from China Central Television visited the Cornell campus on October 30 and 31. They were here to search for Cornell archival materials regarding Liang Sicheng梁思成 and Lin Huiyin林徽因 and to film Cornell campus where Liang and Lin left their youthful footprints.

Photo of Liang Sicheng and Lin HuiyinLiang Sicheng, the son of Liang Qichao 梁启超, is the author of China's first history on Chinese architecture(中国建筑史), the founder of the Architecture Department of Tsinghua University, and a member of the consulting panel that designed the United Nations headquarters in New York. Lin Huiyin, claimed to be the first female architect in China, is famous in the Chinese literature world for her poems, essays, short stories, plays, and her Chinese translations of English works. She is the aunt of Maya Lin, the designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. The love story of Liang and Lin has long been a popular topic in China’s romantic literature as it also involves another famous figure in modern Chinese history, poet Xu Zhimo(徐志摩).

In 1924, Liang and Lin came to study at Cornell’s summer school. Cornell University Library has retained their registration cards and transcripts. Cornell University Library has also preserved Liang’s correspondence with Clarence S. Stein, a major proponent of the “Garden City” movement in the United States (Archives 3600: Clarence Stein Papers, Box 15).

At Cornell Library, the China Central TV crew were filled with joy and excitement when they discovered that our library had almost all of the materials that they had been looking for, which also included William Chambers’ Designs of Chinese Buildings, Furniture, Dresses, Machines, and Utensils (1757) and James Fergusson’s A History of Architecture in All Countries: from the Earliest Times to the Present Day (1883). The crew praised Cornell as an institute with a wonderful library, a beautiful campus, and the most hospitable people.

Workshop on Chinese, Japanese and Korean Online Legal Resources

On November 11, Rob Britt and Bill McCloy from Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library at University of Washington were invited to give presentations on Chinese, Japanese and Korean online legal resources in a workshop at the American Society of Comparative Law Conference that was held at Cornell. The Workshop was organized by Beth Katzoff, Acting Japanese Bibliographer at Wason Collection, and Thomas Mills, CJK bibliographer at Law Library. Beth also presided over the workshop. 26 faculty members, librarians, and students attended the workshop.For online version of the presentations, please click on:

(Acrobat Reader 8 is required to display the .pdf files for China and Korea)




East Asia Program Administrative Staff Tour the Kroch Asia Library

On Friday, November 2 East Asia Program administrative staff, Renee Milligan, David Patt, and Mai Shaikhanuar-Cota led by Program Manager Gina Cesari visited the Wason East Asia Collection.  Liren Zheng, Wason Curator, and Xian Wu, Chinese Studies Bibliographer, gave the group a  presentation on the collection's history and latest development.  The group also toured Asia Reading Room, general book stacks, and the Rare and Manuscript Collections.  This visit has further strengthened the longstanding bond between the staff at the Wason Collection and the East Asian Program.

Liren is giving a presentation on the Wason Collection to Mai, David, Renee, and Gina
Liren is giving a presentation on the Wason Collection to Mai, David, Renee, and Gina


Carole Atkinson from Kroch Asian Library's Public Services with Gina and David
Carole Atkinson from Kroch Asian Library's Public Services with Gina and David


David, Renee and Gina are reviewing the rare books
David, Renee and Gina are reviewing the rare books


Group photo of East Asia Program and Wason Collection Staff
Group photo of East Asia Program and Wason Collection Staff