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January 2008 Wason Update

Vol. 2 No. 1, January 28, 2008

Century Journals Project

The Wason Collection has acquired a new online full-text database, the Century Journals Project (CJP), which includes 1,117 Chinese academic journals in social sciences and humanities from their first issues (as early as 1906) up to 1993. As the Wason Collection has already subscribed to the China Academic Journals (CAJ), also an online full-text database, which includes 2,878 Chinese academic journals in social sciences and humanities published from 1994 up to the present, this new acquisition has fulfilled the Wason Collection’s goal to provide users with convenient access to relatively comprehensive online full-text databases that cover the majority of the Chinese academic journals in social sciences and humanities from their initial issues up to the present ones. The Century Journals Projectis a one-time purchase with unlimited simultaneous access. The purchase of this database was generously supported by Cornell University Library Collection Development. The Century Journals Project and the China Academic Journals can be accessed through title search from the “Library Catalog” on the Cornell University Library webpage.

China Core Newspaper Databases

The Wason Collection has resumed its subscription to the China Core Newspaper Databasesan online full-text database, which covers over 1,000 newspapers published in mainland China since 2000. The China Core Newspaper Databases, along with the two recently acquired online full-text databases, the People’s Daily (from 1946 up to the present) and the National Index to Chinese Newspapers & Periodicals (from 1857 up to the present), provides users with relatively comprehensive electronic resources on Chinese newspaper articles. The China Core Newspaper Databases, the People’s Daily, and the National Index to Chinese Newspapers & Periodicals can be accessed through title search from the “Library Catalog” on the Cornell University Library webpage.

Yomiuri Shinbun Online

Cornell has just gained access to the Yomiuri Shinbun Online that is hosted by Yale University. Our subscription allows us access to the online version for the years covering the CD-ROMs we have in our holdings. These are:

1. The complete set of the Yomiuri newspaper’s Meiji years
Meiji no Yomiuri shinbun, Meiji 7-nen 11-gatsu 2-nichi [November 2, 1874] - Meiji 45-nen 7-gatsu 30-nichi [July 30, 1912]. 39 CD-ROMs

2. The Shōwa years from 1961-1970
Yomiuri shinbun of the Showa era, 1961-1970, Vol. 91-164 (Showa 36 - Showa 45 [1961: January 1-1970: December 31], 77 CD-ROMs

For users who would like to use them on their own computers at home, the CD-ROMs, located in the Asia Reading Room, can be checked out of the library. CD-ROM call number: Disk PN5409.T63 Y54

Beth Katzoff has created a Quick Guide to Getting into the Yomiuri Shinbun Online for Cornell Users (1/23/2008). See the attachment with this month e-mail notification. Please use this with Instructions for Using the Yomiuri Shinbun Online

The Japanese Collection hopes to purchase the rest of the 20th century CD-ROMs and to add online access for those years at some point in the near future.

ADDENDUM (2010): We are currently working on a consortial agreement to bring the full Yomiuri database to Cornell. Good news expected by spring.

New Japanese Portal Site: NDL Digital Archive Portal PORTA

The National Diet Library of Japan released a comprehensive portal site on October 15, 2007. The site, NDL Digital Archive Portal PORTA, gets you to Japanese digital information resources and services for those resources. It covers 20 types of digital archives. For more information see the NDL Newsletter:
To access the new portal site directly:,ou=People,o=ndl,dc=porta,dc=ndl,dc=go,dc=jp

New Location of Asia Microfilms and Its Appearance in the OPAC Display

Asia microfilms have all been moved next to the Olin Microfilm Collection located on Level B of Olin Library. In the OPAC, the location for Asia microform titles will still appear as "Kroch Library Asia" but with a shelving note that reads: "Shelved in Olin Library." The Library’s Cataloging and Database Management Services will implement this approach immediately for new items, and will do the retrospective work for the old titles.

Proposal for Systematic Removal of Materials from the Kroch Asia Stacks to the Annex

With the combined space gained from the Annex project and the microform removal, the Kroch Asia stacks are finally in good shape after suffering through years of overcrowding. In order to keep the stacks in good condition, a proposal that a systematic plan for space management be implemented within Kroch Asia was presented in the recent Asian curators’ meeting for discussion. The proposed plan is to set up a continual Annex removal system as follows:

Each year a pick list will be generated for all monographs with imprints of 15 years prior that have not circulated in the past 15 years. For example, the 2008 pick list will include all monographs with 1993 imprints that have not circulated since 1993. The Asian selectors will then use that list to select materials for Annex removal. Every fifth year a more complete pick list including all monographs with imprints of fifteen years or older that have not circulated in the past fifteen years will be generated for Asian selectors’ consideration.

This approach will give selectors a systematic mechanism to remove monographs older than fifteen years that were not previously sent to the Annex. Selectors, however, will have the option to keep material in Kroch Asia if they deem it necessary for reasons other than simple circulation statistics. It is hoped that this system will alleviate the need for massive Annex removal projects in the future.

Gifts for the Korean Collection

The Korean Collection received many wonderful gifts in 2007. We received a total of 888 gift books in 2007. These included books from Cornell faculty members, the Korea Foundation, Panmun Academic Services, and the first shipment in our new exchange program with Dongguk University. We also received 30 DVDs from the Korea Film Council and from Cornell staff or visitors.

Databases for Trial

Vendors have offered the Wason Collection the following two databases for trial:

1. 中國時報電子資料庫


Trial period: January 21 –February 20, 2008

2. 现代研究文库: 人大书报复印资料网络

ID: tpc
Password: tpcok

Trial period: January 24 – February 23, 2008