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August 2008 Wason Update

Vol. 2 No. 8, August 29, 2008

Library's Re-organizational Planning

On August 12 Carl A. Kroch University Librarian Anne Kenney announced the re-organizational planning for the Cornell Library system. Starting September 1st, the Cornell University Library system will be re-organized into five major divisions: 1. Scholarly Resources and Special Collections; 2. Teaching, Research, Outreach and Learning Services; 3. Division of Information Technology; 4. Central Library Operations, and 5. Administrative Services. The Asia Collections, which include the Wason Collection, will be part of the Scholarly Resources and Special Collections division, and the Asian curators will report to John Saylor, the Interim AUL for Collections and Scholarly Communication.

Korean Selector

With Beth Katzoff’s departure, Liren Zheng will take over her responsibility as Korean selector. Carrie Yang will provide assistance in selecting Korean language materials. All the special requests for Korean materials could directly go to Liren (lz14) or Carrie (cwy3) for ordering.

On-line China Statistical Yearbooks

We have been notified by the University of Michigan’s China Data Center that starting from September 2008 China Statistical Database has been expanded to include more than 500 statistical yearbooks, which include all the provincial statistical yearbooks since 2002 and some prior to 2002 as well as statistical yearbooks of some cities and industries.

China Statistical Database provides comprehensive and updated information on China’s economic development at national, provincial, city, county, and industrial levels, which includes the following components: (1) Monthly Statistics - provides the monthly macroeconomic statistics at national, provincial and city levels from 1998 to current; (2) National Statistics - provides statistical data of China from 1949 to current; (3) Provincial Statistics - provides the statistical data of provinces from 1949 to current; (4) City Statistics - provides yearly statistics of prefecture and county level cities from 1996; (5) County Statistics - provides the yearly county statistics from 1997; (6) Industrial Statistics – provides monthly and yearly statistics by industries from 2003; and (7) Statistical Yearbooks published by the National Bureau of Statistics of China.

New Chinese Electronic Database: Duxiu (读秀)

Screen shot of Duxiu database interfaceIn the May 2008 Issue of Wason Update we introduced the Chinese Database, Duxiu, to our users for trial. After four months’ trial, and with a significant discount on the price through negotiation, the Wason Collection has decided to subscribe to this database starting October 2008. The Duxiu database currently includes 2,280,000 titles of books, newspaper articles, journal articles, dissertations, theses, and conference papers.

When the desired information is located, the user can request a document delivery of the designated part of the text via email. All the Cornell patrons can now access the Duxiu through campus computers. The off-campus access will be available as soon as the library includes the database into its OPAC system.

New Japanese Electronic Database: Okinawa Times

The Wason Collection has added an additional database to its current collection of networked resources—the newspaper database for the Okinawa Times.  Researchers of Okinawa—whose inclusion in the Japanese state after decades of post-war American control and continuing function as an American military outpost comprise some of the key, emblematic issues of Japanese modernity—will now have full access to all of the back issues of the Okinawa Times newspaper.  Access to this resource is currently on a password basis while we negotiate broader university access, so please contact the Japanese bibliographer Daniel McKee for login information ( if you wish to access this database.