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Korean Statistics

Han'guk Tonggye Yongam (Korean Statistical Yearbook) 한국 통계 연감
Call# HA1856 .H23 + Latest volume in Kroch Library Asia Reference
Kyŏnje tʻonggye yonʾbo 경제 통계 연보(Economics Statistical Yearbook)
Call# HC466 .K96 Latest volume in Kroch Library Asia Reference
통계청 Statistics Korea
Website of government organization for statistics.
국가통계포털 Korean Statistical Information Service (KOSIS);
Korean statistical information and data that is searchable by subject, institution, and name.

공공데이터포털 Data Portal

한국은행 ;Bank of Korea (in English)
Links to a vast array of banking/financial statistics under "Economic Statistics System" including balance of payments, national accounts, exchange & interest rates, business & consumer surveys, input-output tables and much more-- economic bulletins, reports, papers, reviews and analyses available under "Research Papers"
문화 샘터 Culturestat
Korean arts and culture statistics.
인터넷 통계정보 검색시스템 Internet Statistics Information System
Statistics related to the Internet including IP addresses and Internet usage developed by Korea Internet & Security Agency
과학기술통계 서비스  Science and Technology Statistics Services
Statistical data including OECD statistics on Science and Technology by Ministry Science, ICT & Future planning.
한국 사회과학 데이터센터 Korean Social Science Data Center
Statistical yearbooks published by the government, public institutions on overseas institutions.
서울 통계 Seoul Statistics
Statistical data related to Seoul, including population, public transportation, education, environment and so on.
교육통계 서비스 Korean Educational Statistics Service
Provides educational statistics on Korean pre-primary, primary, secondary, and higher education, employment status of higher education graduates, and lifelong education, as well as international education statistics.
고용노동통계 Employment and Labor Statistics of Korea
Labor-related statistical data and information on economically active population, wage and working hours, labor relations, the coverage of employment insurance, work permit system for foreign workers, industrial accidents, and much more.
성 인지 통계정보 시스템 Gender Statistics Information System
Integrated statistics related to gender as basic data for gender impact assessment and gender budgeting, and evaluating the efficient implementation of national policies for accomplishing gender equality operated by the Korea Women’s Development Institute. It provides not only national and regional gender statistics, but also global standardized information. It can be searched by theme, name, and topic.