East Asia Collection (Wason) / Korea


Hanʾguk inmul taesajŏn 한국 인물 대사전
[Who was who in Korea]
Call #: DS905 .H257x 1999 ++ Kroch Library Asia Reference (Non-Circulating) 2 Vols.
한국역대인물 종합정보시스템 (한국학중앙연구원)
An online database of Korean people, featuring more than 16,000 historic Korean from ancient to modern times, developed by the Academy of Korean Studies.
Han'guk inmul sajŏn 한국 인물 사전
[Who's who in Korea]
Call #: DS905 .H3167 ++ Kroch Library Asia Reference (Non-Circulating)
Pukhan inmyŏng sajŏn 북한 인명 사전
[Who's who in North Korea]
Call #: DS934 .P85x 2001 + Kroch Library Asia Reference (Non-Circulating)
디지털 북한인명사전 (코리아콘텐츠랩)
A online searchable database of North Koreans. It includes more than 73,000 biographies of North Koreans.
아츠넷 미술인물사전 Artsnet who's who
[Who's who in Korea]
A database of Korean artists from the Choson dynasty to the present 
Joins 인물사전 중앙일보 인물정보
Provides short biographies of over 300,000 people, including profile information, but requires a fee for in-depth information.
NAVER 인물검색
Provides over 270,000 domestic biographies, including celebrities, politicians, artists, sportsmen, etc.