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General Resources: Korea

Korea.net Gateway to Korea

Visit Korea
Official Korea Tourism organization website
Information on History, photographs, image, and culture of Korea
The World Factbook - Korea, South
General information on South Korea, including geography, people, government, economy, military, etc.
Korean Studies Portal
An online community of Korean studies and information, including scholarships and Internet discussion list

Romanization  Korean Romanization Rules by ALA-LC

국사편찬위원회 National Institute of Korean History

한국고전번역원 Institute for the Translation of Korean Classics

한국문학번역원 Literature Translation Institute of Korea

Korean History: A Bibliography
This website, compiled by Kenneth Robinson, University of Hawaii, provides citations fro resources covering Korean history. The subjects include not only political, diplomatic, and economic history, but also historical linguistics, art history, literature, philosophy and religion, and overseas Koreans, for example. Chronologically, coverage concludes in the 1960s.

North Korea

DPR Korea: Official webpage of North Korea

Uri minjok kkiri 우리민족끼리
A state-controlled website that provides Korean language news from North Korea's central news agency. The site also distributes information over Twitter, Youtube, Flickr and Facebook. "Uriminjokkkiri" is transliterated Korean for "Our Nation Itself." The Website's server is located in China.

Korean Buddhism

UCLA Center for Buddhist Studies: Information on Korean Buddhism
Links to sites containing information on Korean Buddhism, including general resources, information on monasteries, teaching and practice centers, art and architecture in Korean Buddhism, and various other related categories
Resources for East Asian Language and Thought
Web portal maintained by A. Charles Muller, University of Tokyo, and heavily focused on Buddhism, with several sites specifically on Korean Buddhism
Digital dictionary of Buddhism, edited by A. Charles Muller.
A compilation of Chinese logograph-based terms, texts, temples, schools, persons, etc. found in Buddhist canonical sources.

Korean Shamanism

A Bibliography on Korean Shamanism

Brother Anthony of Taize
Brother Anthony is Professor Emeritus, Sogang University and professional translator, Brother Anthony of Taize. Here are the links to his literary works published in English translation since 1979 plus full-text access to Brother Anthony's own translations of various Korean poems and short works of fiction.
Please see his works of translation in the Cornell Library catalog 

Online Archive Korean Christianity (UCLA)

Organizations & Associations

Ministry of Unification  통일부

The Korea Economic Institute of America 한미 경제 연구소

Korean National Commission for UNESCO 유네스코 한국위원회

British Association for Korean Studies

International Council on Korean Studies

The Academy of Korean Studies

The Society of Korean-American Scholars

The Association for Korean Studies in Europe

Online Forum on Korean Studies

Focus on transnational issues involving the peoples of Northeast China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, and East Russia. Its goals are to aid communication regarding research across this area and to provide an outlet for relevant book reviews.
Research Institutes: Center for Korean Peninsula Issues Studies of Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
One of the most important Chinese research institutes on Korean Peninsula