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East Asia Collection (Wason) / Korea


Subscription Databases 

E-Korean Studies Database 한국학 데이터베이스
The E-Korean Studies database is a single search interface function to access the various Korean Studies subscription databases, and the database covers all academic disciplines, including arts and humanities, social sciences, and various sources of content including monographs, periodicals and newspapers, dissertations and research reports, law, classical literature, religion, dictionaries and encyclopedias.
Full text database including over 1,000 Korean scholarly journals.
Full text database for Korean Studies covering history, literature, dictionaries and traditional medicines
Kyobo Scholar
Full text database of scholarly journal articles from more than 1100 journals published in Korea
RISS International
The Union catalog of academic libraries in Korea provide by the Korea Education & Research Information service. It provides access more than 1 million full text Korean Journal Articles, Theses & Dissertations published in Korea.
KISS: Korean studies Information Service System
KISS covers subject areas, such as Korean literature, language, history, education, law, and engineering. It provides full text articles from over 1300 journals/thesis titles. This resource is part of E-Korean Studies.
E-article (w/ Full Text Articles)
A database containing full text of over 800 Korean scholarly journals published by 555 research institutions in Korea. Its focus is more on social sciences and humanities.
KSDC DB  한국 사회과학 데이터 센터 (w/ Full Text Articles)
The Korean Social Science Data Centre (KSDC) consists of all kinds of statistical yearbooks published by the government, public institutions (economy, education, labour, industry, information and communication, law, society, politics, population census, environment and others) and overseas institutions.
Korea AtoZ - DB Media Contents Library
Full-text of primary sources and classics in Korean studies
KSI E-book (Books I & I) 한국학술정보 전자도서
Full-text electronic books (more than 8700 tiles as of June 2015) in the fields of humanities and social sciences
NK Pro
NK Pro (language: English) provides North Korea news, data analysis tools such as the North Korea Leadership Tracker, the North Korea Ship Tracker, the North Korea Aviation Tracker, Leading Indicator, and KCNA Watch.

Korean History & Culture Research Database 한국역사문화조사자료데이터베이스 (w/ Full Text Articles)
History Culture Series 역사문화시리
LawnB (Law and Business information published in Korean) 로앤

Korean Movie Database 한국영화데이타베이스
Viewing movies available from a designated computer in the Asia Reading Room at Kroch Library
Searchable Korean Movie Database on films, people, images, articles, criticisms, scenarios, and publications. It also includes a VOD which has Korean films from 1930 to 1990 including classical films, documentaries, national videos and independent films. Films are partially accessible.

Free Online Databases

Kyujanggak Full-text Classics Database 규장각한국학고전원문정보 데이터베이스
The Full-text Korean Studies Classics Database of the Kyujanggak Archives.

Chosŏn wangjo sillok = The Annals of the Choson Dynasty 조선왕조실록 (w/ Full Text Articles)

Complete Collection of the Korean Study of Confucian Classics한국경학자료시스템 (w/ Full Text Articles)

The Daily Records of Royal Secretariat of Chosun Dynasty 승정원일기  (w/ Full Text Articles)

EncyKorea 한국민족문화대백과사전 (w/ Full Text Articles)

Jangseogak Royal Archives-Korea Studies Information Center 왕실도서관장서각디지털아카이브
Digitalized database of the old books and documents from the royal Jangseogak Library by the Academy of Korean Studies.

Korean Genealogical Table 한국족보자료시스템(w/ Full Text Articles)

Korean History Database 한국사데이터베이스

Korean History On-line 한국역사정보통합시스템

Ilche ha chonsi chejegi chongchaek saryo chongso  일제하 전시체제기 정책사료 총서 

Northeast Asian History Network 동북아역사넷

Korean Serials 한국정기간행물

Korean Statistical Information Service KOSIS 국가통계포털

Kyongsong Ilbo 경성일보 = 京城日報 (w/ Full Text Articles)

KOLIS-NET  Union Catalog System in South Korea
Korean Library Information System Network
KOSSDA: Korean Social Science Data Archive
KOSSDA cikkectuibs cibtaub a vast range of Korean quantitative and qualitative data and literatures across diverse social science disciplines encompassing political, economic, social, and cultural areas.
Korean War Project 
Online since Feb. of 1995, resource for history of the Korean War, networking among veterans and family. Interactive data files.
The History of Korean Independent Movement Online
Open Archives: Korean Democratic Movement Archive 민주화운동 아카이브 
Provides historical documents, images, oral statements regarding democracy movement of Korea, provided by the Korea Democracy Foundation