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East Asia Collection (Wason) / Japan

Periodical Indexes

A variety of different periodical indexes are available for researchers seeking scholarly or popular articles in Japanese.  The coverage and search methods of each index are distinct, so researchers are advised to make use of multiple indexes, according to their needs.

The Nii Scholarly and Academic Information Navigator
This index focuses primarily on academic articles, and is especially strong in university-specific research bulletins (kenkyu kiyo).  For some of the articles, PDF files are freely available, making this a must-visit site for researchers.
Zasshi kiji sakuin shusei Database
"Zassaku Plus" greatly expands the chronological  coverage of Zasshi kiji sakuin, indexing articles published in Japanese  back to the start of the Meiji period (1868). Indexed articles include those published in former Japanese colonies and other local and/or rare periodicals not found in other databases.
Magazine Plus
Magazine Plus is a subscription database that includes all of the scholarly periodicals from NDL's Zassaku (1975-present), plus popular magazines (monthlies and weeklies including sports and hobbies) indexed in Jaanaru indekkesu from 1981-present, as well as 1300 Japanese economic and business magazines from 1981, and 60 overseas business magazines from 1984-present.
Web OYA Bunko
This digital index covers the complete holdings of the Oya Soichi library, strong in popular publications from the early twentieth century to the present. The database includes references to 1.7 million journal articles published since 1988 in 370 journals.

English Language Article Databases

To search for articles on Japan in the English language, a list of useful databases is available here