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East Asia Collection (Wason) / Japan

Finding Japanese Newspaper Articles

Recent English Language Newspapers from Japan

Daily Yomiuri / Nikkei Weekly / Japan Times aggregated through Lexis-Nexis Academic

To Use: Click "Sources" tab on the left, type in newspaper name under "Find Sources," check desired box(es), click "Find Sources" on right, then perform your search

Some websites make recent issues available:

Recent Japanese Language Newspapers

Aggregated from multiple sources through Factiva:  http://resolver.library.cornell.edu/misc/4394263

To Use: Click “Search Builder”, click “Source” tab on left, go to the "Select Source Category" dropdown box, select either “Publications - By Language” or “Web News - By Language”, select Japanese.  Enter keyword(s) and specify dates (“All Dates” best for general search).

Newspaper websites:

Older Newspaper Articles

Kikuzo II / Asahi Shinbun: networked electronic coverage (full text and keyword ) back to 1878

Instructions for using this database are available at:

Mainichi Shinbun: electronic coverage (on CD-R) for 1991-2000

 Yomiuri Shinbun: electronic coverage for the Meiji Period (1868-1912), and the 1960s is available through a shared server at https://database.yomiuri.co.jp/rekishikan/; the same coverage is on CD-Rom in the Asia Reading Room.  We hope to conclude negotiations on an agreement that will bring full access to Yomiuri's database to Cornell in 2010.

Nihon Keizai Shinbun: bound paper coverage (miniature version) from 1996-present (and sporadically for the early 1990s); microfilm coverage for most of the 1980s (1981,1983,1984,1988-1989); use the index for the 1990s.

Japan Times: Microfilm available at Asia film 4026

Nikkei Weekly: Available through Lexis Nexis (1980-date)