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East Asia Collection (Wason) / Japan

E-Resources for Japan Studies

Reference and eBooks

Japan Knowledge (JK)
Provides enhanced, electronic access to essential Japanese encyclopedias, dictionaries, and reference resources. Includes the complete, searchable texts of Nihon kokugo daijitenKokushi daijiten, Nihon jinmei daijiten, Nihon daihyakka zensho, and multiple bilingual dictionaries, plus eBooks from Tōyō Bunko and the Nihon koten bungaku zenshū series.
JK Books: Nihon Kindai Bungakukan and more!
Nihon Kindai Bungakukan provides e-access to several important Meiji-Taishō period literary journals, including Taiyō, Bungei kurabu, Kōyūkai zasshi, and Chūō kōron, all of which are simultaneously full text searchable.  JK Books also includes the full text of the art journals Fūzoku gahō and Bijutsu shinpō, plus Gunsho ruijū (classic books) and the Tōyō keizai archives (economics)
The Cambridge History of Japan (eBook)
          Vol. 1: Ancient Japan
          Vol. 2: Heian Japan
          Vol. 3: Medieval Japan
          Vol. 4: Early Modern Japan
          Vol. 5: The Nineteenth Century
          Vol. 6: The Twentieth Century

Newspaper Databases

Kikuzō II Visual for Libraries: The Database of the Asahi shinbun
This database provides access to the complete, historical run of the Asahi shinbun, including morning/evening and regional editions, from 1879 to the present. Also includes partial access to Aera and Shūkan Asahi.
Yomidasu Rekishikan: The Database of the Yomiuri shinbun
This database provides access to the complete, historical run of the Yomiuri shinbun, including morning/evening and regional editions from 1874 to the present. Also includes access to the English language Daily Yomiuri.
Maisaku: The Database of the Mainichi shinbun
Access to the online full-text database of Mainichi shinbun (1872-present ). The database also includes Mainichi daily news (June 2008- ), Shūkan Ekonomisuto (October 1989- ), the public opinion poll conducted by Mainichi Shinbunsha (1945- ), Mainichi yoron chōsa, and the company history Mainichi no sanseiki.
Nikkei Telecom 21: Including the Nihon keizai shinbun
An archive of all the past issues of Nihon keizai shinbun is available through the Nikkei Telecom 21 database, which also includes a variety of other resources for business and economic research (see "Others" below.)
Japan Times Archive: The Database of the Japan Times
Database of digitized issues of The Japan Times, The Japan Advertiser, The Japan Times & Mail, The Japan Times and Advertiser and the Nippon Times; includes all issues March 22, 1897-December 31, 2013.

Bibliographic Indexes

Zasshi kiji sakuin shūsei Comprehensive Japanese Article Index
Get citations for articles in Japanese from 1868 to the present with this enhanced subscription version of the Zasshi kiji sakuin (which is freely available from the National Diet Library, but only has articles back to the early 1980s).
Magazine Plus
Magazine Plus is an article index that complements the Zasshi kiji sakuin shūsei with the inclusion of the Janaru indekkusu (Journal Index), which has citations for articles in popular magazines, as well as economics and business magazines.
Web OYA-Bunko
Web Ōya represents at the article level the holdings of the Ōya Sōichi Library, renowned for its rare materials on Japanese media and popular culture. Web Ōya Bunko adds some 640,000 volumes of 10,000 magazines titles and 70,000 books to our reference range.
CiNii NII Academic Information Navigator
Currently the most reliable source for getting full access to recent Japanese academic articles through PDF files. Only some citations are available in full text.  Many PDFs are free downloads, but some require payment.


Nikkei Telecom 21 
Provides coverage of the Japanese business and financial community.  Current news reports from these Japanese language newspapers: Nihon keizai shinbun, Nikkei ryūtsū shinbun MJ, Nikkei kin'yū shinbun, Nikkei sangyō shinbun. Other resources include Nikkei corporation profile, Nikkei Who's Who, stock quotations, bond quotations, economic indicators, market forecasts, and in English, Nikkei Weekly and translations of Nikkei major articles.
Lexis Nexis Law Japan Nihonhō sōgō detabesu
This database provides valuable materials on the Japanese legal system, including full texts of statutes and court rulings, plus an index and some full text coverage of Japanese legal journals. Requires a special password for use. Contact djm53 or twm26 for access.
America, Asia and the Pacific: A Social and Cultural History of Meiji Japan
Based on the papers and collection of Edward Sylvester Morse at the Peabody Essex Museum, this digital resource includes otherwise unavailable materials on this early and influential Japanologist and his relations with modernizing Japan, valuable for the study of this period.