East Asia Collection (Wason) / China

Language and Literature

Committee of Chinese Languages and Literature, 中国语言文字工作委员会
Official government website for Chinese languages and literature. Site contains updated news, research discussion, training and examines, and more.

Organizations for Languages and Literature, 语言文学研究学会

Schools of Chinese Language and Literature, 语言文化大学及文学院

Institutes of Linguistics and Literature, 语言及文学研究所

Journals and Newspapers on Languages and Literature, 语言文学报刊

Related Networks on Linguistics and Literature, 语言学文学相关网站

Modern Literature

Three Kingdoms Illustrated
Summarized English version of Three Kingdoms with illustrations, 100 pages.
Chinese site with links to modern literature texts.
Renditions is an international journal of Chinese literature in English translations, Chinese University of Hong Kong. Searchable database of works and translations.

Classic Literature