East Asia Collection (Wason) / China


Fine Arts Institutes, 美术研究所

Academies of Fine Arts and Chinese Painting, 各地画院及国画院

Schools of Arts in Universities, 美术学院及院校美术艺术系

Universities of Fine Arts 美术学院

Schools of Fine Arts in Universities 院校美术系

Art Museums and Galleries, 美术展览馆及画廊

Organizations for Arts, 美术组织

Journals and Newspapers on Arts, 美术刊物

Related Networks on Arts, 美术相关网站

The 22 International Art Plaza, 北京22院街艺术区
Site includes project background, introduction, online visual view, media downloads, and more.
Beijing 798 Art Zone, 北京798艺术区
Beijing 798 Art Zone is a worldwide art pageant in which history, industry, reality, and arts perfectly fit together. Contents also available in English.
Classical Chinese Furniture, 中國古典家具
Information about Chinese furniture- materials, joinery and construction, categories and history.
Shanghai 800 Art Shaker, 上海800艺术区
Introduction to stories and concept of 800 Art Zone, news press, events information, and more. Contents available in English.
Worldwide Leader in Chinese Contemporary Art, 99艺术人物网
Artist profiles, interviews, news, exhibitions, and auctions.