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General Resources

Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China, 中华人民共和国农业部.
[Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China English version]
News, official statistical data, policies and laws, economic reports and links to provincial government websites.
The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 中国农业科学院. [The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences English version]
CAAS is China’s national agricultural research organization, affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture. Research topics include crop breeding, orchard horticulture, crop management, water saving agriculture, animal genetics.

Agricultural Departments of Provincial Government, 各省农业厅

Provincial Academies of Agricultural Science, 中国各省市农业科学院

Beijing Agricultural Machinery Institute, 北京市农业机械研究所
BAMI specializes in industrialized agricultural appliance research, design, producing,sell and technical service.
Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 天津市农业科学院
TAAS's main research areas include vegetables, food crops and livestock breeding, agricultural products storage and preservation, processing, animal feed, nutrition, plant diseases, insects and weeds control, soil, bio-engineering technology and gardening projects.
Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 上海市农业科学院 
SAAS has seven prioritized research areas including genetic resources, protected agriculture, environmental-friendly agriculture, soil improvement, bio-safety, storage and process of agricultural products, urban modern agriculture and hi-tech.
Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, 河北省农林科学院
HAAS has main objectives including breeding of new crop varieties of high yield, dry farming/watersaving technique, plant diseases and pests control.
Shanxi Agricultural Science and Technology Information, 山西农业科学院
Shanxi Agricultural Science Institute emphasizes on soil environment, improvement and nutrition.
Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 辽宁省农业科学院
LAAS is a comprehensive agricultural research institute with a focus on planting and gardening areas.
Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 福建省农业科学院 
FAAS has research institutes on rice, fruit trees, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, plant protection, soil and fertilizers, sugarcane, tea, crops, agriculture engineering and technology, agricultural economy and scientific information, ecology, biotechnology and agricultural bioresources.
Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 江苏省农业科学院 
JAAS is one of the largest comprehensive agricultural medicine research institutions in China. Aiming at rural economy and technology development in Jiangsu and China, JAAS focuses on basic and applied research to enhance the food and fiber production and  protect natural resources.
Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 浙江省农业科学院 
ZAAS's research is mainly directed towards basic agricultural research and applications, high-tech agricultural innovation and service mechanism, covering almost all aspects of agricultural sciences except tea and fishery, with an aim to provide service and assistance for rural development of Zhejiang province.
Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 广东省农业科学院 
GDAAS was established in 1960 and the predecessor of GDAAS was a rice experimental station of Sun Yat-sen University led by Prof. Ying Ding. Nowadays, the comprehensive research strength of GDAAS come out on top in national agricultural academy evaluation.

Agricultural Universities in China, 农业大学及中国农科院研究生院

Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 中国农科院研究生院
GSCAAS has four categorical discipline areas, namely agriculture, natural sciences, engineering and management science, covering fifteen primary disciplines in which seven are Ph.D. level primary disciplines and eight are Master level primary disciplines.
China Agricultural University, 中国农业大学 
CAU is a university in Beijing, specializing in agriculture, biology, engineering, veterinary medicine, economics, management, humanities and social science. It was formed in 1995 through the merger of the Beijing Agricultural University and the Beijing Agricultural Engineering University.
Northeast Agricultural University, 东北农业大学
NEAU, founded in Harbin in 1948 and originally named Northeast Agricultural College, is a key university directly under Heilongjiang province. NEAU comprises 18 colleges and 1 Education Department, and it is a "211 project" institution.
Nanjing Agricultual University, 南京农业大学
NJAU is a multi-disciplinary national key university under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. It is a pioneer of modern agricultural education, research and extension, and one of the first agricultural institutions in to offer four-year bachelor programs.
Sichuan Agricultural University, 四川农业大学
SICAU is one of the 100 universities selected by the Chinese government to receive special funding under the “211 Project”. It has a predominance of bio-technology and agricultural sciences.
South China Agricultural University, 华南农业大学
SCAU is one of the national key universities in China. It is a “211 Project” university sponsored by both Guangdong Province and the Ministry of Agriculture during the ninth and tenth “Five-year Plan”.
Huazhong Agricultural University, 华中农业大学
Located in Wuhan, HZAU is a national key university of “Project 211”. Featuring life science, HZAU also gives much emphasis on the rational disciplinary construction of agriculture, sciences, engineering, arts, law, economics, and management.
Shandong Agricultural University, 山东农业大学
SDAU is a multi-disciplinary university with agricultural science as its advantage and life science as a distinctive feature, covering many areas of both Natural Sciences and Social Sciences.
Yunnan Agricultural University, 云南农业大学
YNAU is a comprehensive university offering programs in agriculture, science, arts, engineering, education, and administration. It is one of the two biological science experts training bases in Yunnan Province.
Agricultural University of Hebei, 河北农业大学
HEBAU is one of the key universities of the province. Its five campuses are located respectively in cities of Baoding, Qinhuangdao, Huanghua and Dingzhou.
Henan Agricultural University, 河南农业大学
HENAU is a public university located in Zhengzhou, Henan. Having more than 100 years of history, the university has established intercollegiate ties with universities in many countries around the world.
Jiangxi Agricultural University, 江西农业大学
JXAU is a multi-disciplinary institution of higher learning characterized by teaching and research in agriculture and bio-technology as well as sciences, arts, economics, management, arts and laws.
Anhui Agricultural University, 安徽农业大学
AHAU excels in agricultural and forestry sciences, and covers life science, engineering, science, economics, business, literature, law, medicine and education.
Hunan Agricultural Universities, 湖南农业大学
HNAU is an integrated university situated in Furong District of Changsha. The institution has a focus on training students in various agricultural disciplines.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Agriculture and Biology, 上海交通大学农业与生物学院
The school consists of five departments, namely the Department of Plant Sciences, Animal Sciences, Resource and Environmental Science, Food Science & Engineering, and Landscape Architecture, and a number of academic and research centers.
Shanxi Agricultural University, 山西农业大学
SXAU locates in the county town of Taigu. It maintains connections with Oberlin Shansi, a non profit organization operating out of Oberlin College, engaging in cross-cultural and education exchange programs.
Shenyang Agricultural University, 沈阳农业大学
SYAU is a key provincial university in Liaoning province.
Zhejiang University College of Agriculture and Biotechnology浙江大学农业与生物技术学院
CAB of Zhejiang University has nine institutes under the relevant departments, namely Crop Science, Biotechnology, Insect Science, Pesticide and Environmental Toxicology, Vegetable Science, Pomology, Landscape Architecture, Tea Science and Nuclear-Agricultural Science.
Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, 福建农林大学
FJAU is a public university in Jinshan, Fuzhou, Fujian. Its library collection contains more than 1.63 million volumes.
Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University, 西北农林科技大学
NWSUAF is a national key comprehensive university. It is not only supported by Ministry of Education's "Project 985", but also is a member of the "Project 211".
Gansu Agricultural University, 甘肃农业大学
GAU is situated on the Yellow River bank in Anning District of Lanzhou. GAU has 29 research institutes and 39 labs that provide substantial support to academic activities.
Xinjiang Agricultural University, 新疆农业大学
XJAU is a key multi-discipline agricultural institution of higher learning under the administration of the government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. XJAU aims to cultivate talents from various ethnic groups specialized in the field of agriculture and possesses an irreplaceable position in the socio-economic development and higher education in Xinjiang.
Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, 内蒙古农业大学 [Inner Mongolia Agricultural University English Version]
IMAU is a multi-discipline university with 8 fields of study, namely Agronomy, Science, Engineering, Economics, Management, Social Sciences and Education.

Journals and Newspapers on Agriculture, 农业报刊

Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, 中国农业科技导报
Site contains online archival volumes, recent news related to agricultural sciences, as well as information on paper submissions.
Farmer's Daily News, 农民日报
Site contains electronic version of archival daily volumes.
Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 农业科学学报(English)
Sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), JIA is a peer-reviewed and multi-disciplinary international journal and published monthly in English. Site contains online journal, submission, and upcoming articles.
Scientia Agricultura Sinica, 中国农业科学杂志 [Scientia Agricultura Sinica English Version]
Sponsored by CAAS, this site provide online journals on current issues, archival articles, and forthcoming articles.

Academic Organizations for Agriculture, 农业科研组织

Agricultural Museums and Exhibitions, 农业博物馆及展览馆

China Agricultural Museum, 中国农业博物馆
Museum of China’s agricultural history and modern agriculture in Beijing. Information about technological development in ancient Chinese agriculture (中国农业科技史年表) and overviews of past exhibitions.
National Agriculture Exhibition Center, 全国农业展览馆
Anhui Agricultural Museum, 安徽省农业博物馆

Related Networks on Agriculture, 农业有关网站

Chinese Agricultural History and Culture, 中國農業歷史與文化
Supported by the Institute for the History of Natural Science (中国科学院自然科学史研究所), site contains archival news, agricultural history, literature, technology, philosophy, research, and academic literature. Links to related agricultural institutions.
Chinese Agricultural News, 中国农业新闻网
Site contains news on current agricultural issues, international and local focus, agricultural economics, and technology.