East Asia Collection (Wason) / China


旅行社 (Travel Assistance)

中国旅行社美国分社(China Travel Service (USA), INC.)
The USA branch of China Travel Service Head Office Co., Ltd, which provides different tours and China guide information.
中国国际旅行社 (China International Travel Service)
One of the largest and most influential tourist groups, providing many initiative and classic products in China’s tourist trade.
中国国际旅行社美国分社 (China International Travel Service (USA))
The USA branch of China International Travel Service, provides travel assistance such as different China tours and China visa assistance.

签证办理 (Chinese Visa)

Travel China Guide
Providing information about obtaining Chinese visa and rules for foreigners to stay in China.
中华人民共和国驻美利坚合众国大使馆(Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United States of America)
The official site of Embassy of PRC, which provides different forms for applying Chinese visa.

外汇兑换 (Currency Exchange)

XE (Currency and Foreign Exchange Site)
Providing quick cross rate and converter between American dollars and Chinese yuan.


中国气象局天气预报(Weather Forecast from China Meteorological Administration)
Providing weekly weather forecast for different cities in China.
中央气象台(National Weather Forecast)
Providing weather forecast, meteorological disaster warning, and diverse weather information.
中国影视信息网 (Weather China)
Providing interactive weather forecast in China.

旅游警告(Travel Warning)

美国国务院 (U.S. Department of State)
Providing recent Embassy notices for American citizens, entry/exit requirement, Travel safety information, and etc.

交通指南(Traffic Assistance)

百度地图(Baidu Map)
Providing interactive travel assistance, including bus routes, train schedules, and etc.
搜狗地图(Sogou Map)
Provides interactive map search, bus transfer, line station inquiry, by car, electronic maps, online maps, mobile maps, location services,ChinaMaps and local city maps and many other services.


中华人民共和国文化和旅游部 (Ministry of Culture and Tourism)
Providing attractions, health, traffic, and travel agency information.

各省市自治区旅游网站 (Attractions for different provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and special administrative regions)