East Asia Collection (Wason) / China


古代 (Historical Biography)

中国历代人物传记资料库 (China Biographical Database Project)
Online biographical database of individuals primarily from the seventh to fourteenth centuries by Harvard University.
古代传记 (Historical Biography)
Including historical biographies from B.C. 140 (Han Dynasty) to 1911 (Qing Dynasty).
二十五史 (The Twenty-Five Histories)
A collection of historical books from B.C. 3000 to 17th century.
十七史百将传 (Biographies of the Generals)
Including biographies of a hundred ancient Chinese generals from the Seventeen-Histories.
古代名人传记 (Biographies of Ancient Chinese Celebrities)
Online source that Includes biographies of various Ancient Chinese Celebrities.

现代 (Modern Biography)

中国现代人物传记 (Modern biography)
Including modern biographies of Chinese celebrities from various sectors.
中国人物传记网 (China's Biography Network)
Biographies of various sectors, such as industry, business, art, education, politics, and etc.
传记网 (Biography Net)
Including biographies from general Chinese population.
传记-读书频道-新浪 (Sina Biography)
Biographies collections from Sina, one the of largest Chinese websites.
Including biographies of different industry sectors, such as politicians, philosophers, scientists, etc.
Zhu Yin Library
Including biographies for both ancient and modern Chinese

分类 (Specified Biography)

中国佛教传记 (China Buddhist Biography)
Including biographies of buddhist.
般若文海 –名人传记 (Buddhist Biographies)
Including biographies of buddhist.
Online e magazine of biographies of businessmen.
Biographies of different Chinese politicians.