Historical Documents (Chinese Language)

Database of the Community Party of China (CPC) 中国共产党文献信息库
Catalog Title: Zhongguo Gong Chan Dang Shu Ju Ku
This database contains full-text archives and publications of the Communist Party of China since its establishment in 1921.
Chinese Cultural Revolution Database  中国文化大革命文库 
Catalog Title: Zhongguo Wen Hua Da Ge Ming Wen Ku
This database contains full-text documents related to the Chinese Cultural Revolution.
China Maxx Digital Libraries 中国文史资料集粹  
Catalog Title: Zhongguo Wen Shi Zi Liao Ji
This database includes over 500,000 full-text memoirs from more than 20,000 volumes of series written by the notabilities in modern Chinese history.
China Local Records I & II 中国方志库
Catalog Title: Zhongguo Fang Zhi Ku
China Local Gazetteers 新方志
Catalog Title: Local Gazetteers
This database includes 20,000 titles of Chinese local gazetteers published after 1949.