Ancient Chinese Writings

Guo Xue Bao Dian 国学宝典
Catalog Title: Guo Xue Bao Dian
This database includes 3,903 titles of full-text classical Chinese works.
Si Ku Quan Shu 四库全书  Works best with Internet Explorer
Catalog Title: Si Ku Quan Shu
This database includes 3,503 titles of full-text classical Chinese works.
Chinese Classic Ancient Books 中国基本古籍库
Catalog Title: Chinese Classic Ancient Books
CHANT Chinese Ancient Texts Database 汉达文库 
Catalog Title: Han Da Wen Ku

CHANT consists of the following seven databases:

  • Jiaguwen Database (甲骨文)
  • Jianbo Database (简帛)
  • Jinwen Database (金文)
  • Pre-Han and Han Transmitted Texts Database (先秦两汉)
  • Six Dynasties Transmitted Database (魏晋南北朝)
  • Chinese Traditional Encyclopedias Database (类书)
  • Chinese Ancient Vocabulary Database (古文词汇)