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National Index to Chinese Newspaper & Periodicals 全国报刊索引
Catalog Title: National Index to Chinese Newspaper and Periodicals or Quan Guo Bao Kan Suo Yin
This database includes an index to 15,000,000 article titles from 15,000 newspapers and periodicals published in China since 1857
China Academic Journal Full-Text Database (CAJ) 中国期刊全文数据
Catalog Title: China Academic Journal

The CAJ is a full-text database of Chinese journals. It contains more than 7,200 journals starting from 1915. As of September 2007, the full-text article count reached 23.5 million.

The database is composed of 10 sections. Cornell University Library has subscribed to the following 5 sections:

  • (D)Agriculture
  • (F) Literature/History/Philosophy (773 titles)
  • (G) Politics/Military Affairs/Law (660 titles)
  • (H) Education/Social Sciences (1,793 titles)
  • (J) Economics/Management (909 titles)
The Current Digest of the Chinese Press
Catalog Title: The Current Digest of the Chinese Press

The Current Digest of the Chinese Press presents the most relevant and important news from the People's Republic of China, in unabridged and unfiltered English translation of the highest quality.

The editorial staff reviews articles from comprehensive selection of sources in mainland China, all of which are explicitly targeted at a domestic, not foreign, audience. Articles are translated into English by editorial teams specialized in various areas of expertise, such as politics, arts and culture, military, economics, and science, giving readers the most accurate and unfiltered access possible to the most important news in China, and drawing from a wider and more relevant pool than China's own English-language publications.

China Online Journals
A full-text Chinese journal database with high-quality records, extensive article-related information and many user-friendly features.
Chinese Old Journals 大成老旧刊全文数据库
Catalog Title: Dacheng lao jiu kan quan wen shu ju ku
A full-text Chinese database contains 1.3 million journal articles on 120,000 issues carried by over 6,000 journals published from the late19th century to 1949.
Chinese Periodical Full-text Database (1911-1949) 民国期刊库
Catalog Title: Chinese Periodical Full-text Database
A full-text database contains over 20,000 journals.
Chinese Students' Monthly
Catalog Title: Chinese Students' Monthly

The Chinese Students’ Monthly is the first magazine published by Chinese students in the United States from 1906-1931. This publication became the official organ of the enlarged Chinese student organization: The Chinese Students’ Alliance in the US. During its publication, the periodical discussed all the important movements in China during that period of time: education, social, industrial, agricultural, political, and economical, etc.

This magazine includes valuable information for scholars interested in the overseas Chinese but also for scholars interested in this important turning period in the history of China.

Late Qing Dynasty Periodical Full-text Database (1833-1911) 晚清期刊全文数据库(1833-1911)
Catalog Title: Wan Qing qi kan quan wen shu ju ku (1833-1911)

The database contains the full text of over 300 periodicals published in the late Qing Dynasty of China. This represents an almost complete collection of the Chinese periodical publications during that period, the beginning of such literature in China. It is an important resource on the history, literature and social conditions of the late Qing dynasty. It is cross searchable with Chinese Periodical Full-text Database (1911-1949)

Taiwan Electronic Periodical Services(TEPS) 台湾电子期刊服务网
Catalog Title: Taiwan Electronic Periodical Services
TEPS (Taiwan Electronic Periodical Services) is an on-line database offering the most full-text Taiwan periodicals around the world. Currently TEPS contains more than 900 Taiwan Periodicals in various disciplines.
National Social Sciences Database 国家哲学社会科学学术期刊数据库
Open source with registration.
BAS: Bibliography of Asian Studies
Catalog Title: Bibliography of Asian studies

The most thorough index to the last 40 years of English language scholarship on Asia. Subjects include Asian anthropology, arts, biography, economics, education, history, literature, philosophy, politics and government, religion, science and sociology.

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