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Southeast Asia Collection (Echols)

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Southeast Asia Book Chapters (Research Information)

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Electronic Resources

There are many resources available through the Cornell University Library databases website that contain significant Southeast Asia content.  The arrangement is by general subject category. Those resources which fall into more than one category appear more than once.  On the databases page, click on the subject level links to access pages where you can search several databases at once, or access them individually. Alternatively, type in the name of the resource in the Search box of the Library website to access a specific resource. You can also go directly to the Southeast Asia related databases under the World Regions and Diasporas subject category.
 Please note that these resources are generally licensed for use by Cornell affiliated users and may not be accessible without establishing proper credentials through the authentication process if you are off campus.

Southeast Asia Book Chapters

These lists highlight chapters focusing on Southeast Asia within books on more general topics that might otherwise be difficult to find from title or subject information alone.  Please contact Jeff Petersen if you have any questions or comments. New! Online version under development.

Southeast Asia Program at Cornell

Visit SEAP's website for more information about the Program and general information about Southeast Asian studies at Cornell.


At Cornell:

Southeast Asia Visions is a comprehensive online collection of 335 Western travel accounts of Southeast Asia (1633-1923) from the holdings of the Echols Collection on Southeast Asia.

The Claire Holt Papers comprise approximately 1,780 slides of Indonesia, which were created for the Cornell Indonesian Arts Project.

The Cornell Modern Indonesia Project (CMIP) was initiated in the 1950s by faculty members in Cornell's Southeast Asia Program who were committed to making contemporary analyses of Indonesia and translations of its important documents available to scholars and students. The 75 titles in this series...

Indonesia is a semi-annual journal devoted to the timely study of Indonesia's culture, history, government, economy, and society. It features original scholarly articles, interviews, translations, and book reviews.

The Southeast Asia Program Data Papers were published by the Cornell University Southeast Asia Program from 1950 through 1982 as a means to foster research and broadcast original scholarship related to an emerging academic field – Southeast Asian Studies.

Oustide Cornell:

International Directory of Southeast Asia Librarians A current list of librarians and libraries around the world with significant holdings of materials from or about the region.

The Southeast Asia Digital Library is a collaborative project of the various library collections on Southeast Asia around the country and others from around the world.  Housed at Northern Illinois University Library, the SEADL seeks to increase online access to research material from Southeast Asia.

The Committee on Research Materials on Southeast Asia  (CORMOSEA) is a committee of the Southeast Asia Council (SEAC) of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS). It was established to enhance the collection of Southeast Asia research materials and to assist in making them available to Southeast Asia scholars, faculty, and students nationwide.

The Association for Asian Studies (AAS)—the largest society of its kind, with approximately 7,000 members worldwide—is a scholarly, non-political, non-profit professional association open to all persons interested in Asia. Through its publications, online resources, regional conferences, and annual meeting, the AAS provides its members with a unique and invaluable professional network.