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Southeast Asia Collection (Echols)

Research Guides

Southeast Asia Research Guide Use this guide to get started researching Southeast Asia at Cornell.  It includes tips on using the catalogs and other resources to find books, articles and much more.

Guides that have not been updated recently but are still useful are listed below.

  • British Government Resources provides a list of print resources from the British government about the region.
  • Bibliographies Print bibliographies are great starting points for research.  This list is divided into regional and country specific publications.
  • Colonial Era Resources The works listed in this guide have been selected because they have extensive references to the colonial period in Southeast Asia or because they were published in the colonial era.
  • Dictionaries and Encyclopedias A select list of dictionaries and encyclopedias located in the Severinghaus Asia Reading Room with a few additional titles from the stacks.
  • History Sources A listing of sources in the field of history broken down by country and format.
  • Periodicals and Indexes Provides a list of electronic and print resources.
  • Travel Literature on Southeast Asia This bibliography consists of English language monographs (including translations) of pre-World War II descriptions of life in Southeast Asia by travellers, adventurers, explorers, colonial officials, missionaries, and other foreign residents. The bibliography is arranged by country/region and then by date of publication.  See Southeast Asia Visions for electronic access to these titles.
  • US Government Publications A list of publications in print, microform and online.