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Southeast Asia Collection (Echols)


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Try this book for a good place to start when doing research on Brunei. Be certain to read the Introduction to the Bibliography (pages 359-362), and see the bibliography that follows (pages 362-399):

Historical Dictionary of Brunei Darussalam (3rd edition) by Jatswan S. Sidhu 

Historical Dictionary of Brunei Darussalam (3rd edition)  by Jatswan S. Sidhu
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield [2017].
Paper Copy: Kroch Library Asia Reference (Non-Circulating) DS650.5 .S56 2017
Online Copy:  


Here is an older (1988) but useful research book containing annotated title listings of major and standard information sources covering a large number of topics:

Brunei by Sylvia C. Engelen Krausse

Brunei by Sylvia C. Engelen Krausse
Oxford, England ; Santa Barbara, Calif. : Clio Press, ©1988.
Paper Copy 1: Kroch Library Asia Reference (Non-Circulating) Z3248.B7 K91
Paper Copy 2: Kroch Library Asia Z3248.B7 K91
Online Copy: https://newcatalog.library.cornell.edu/catalog/9894699

For more reference sources on Brunei see the following link: Quick Reference Sources for Southeast Asia: Brunei


PERIND (Bibliographic database that indexes periodical literature relating to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, and ASEAN)

Bibliography of Asian Studies (a good standard database for finding articles about Asia)

Women's Studies Bibliography: Brunei

Brunei Book Chapter Bibliography (collects chapters/articles about Brunei from books that could be easily missed)

ABIA South and Southeast Asian art and archaeology index

Southeast Asian Archaeology Scholarly Resources (has a bibliography of archaeology sources)

Bibliography of Performing Arts in the East (theatre, dance, puppetry, cinema, plays, masks, martial arts)

Other Resources

Southeast Asia Digital Library: Brunei (Great source for links to information about Brunei)

Southeast Asia visions : a collection of historic travel narratives

South East Asian images & texts project : SEAiT

Islam in Southeast Asia - An Introductory Guide

Asian Economic History, Series 2 (Economic development in Brunei, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, 1950-1980 Public Record Office files from the Foreign Office, Colonial Office, Treasury, Dominions Office, Board of Trade and Cabinet Committees)


Statistics Sources for Asia: Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei


Berita. Chicago, Ill. : Southeast Asia Council, 1975- . (+DS501 .B51 - c.i. RR)

Cotter, Conrad Patrick. Bibliography of English Language Sources on Human Ecology : Eastern Malaysia and Brunei. Honolulu : Dept. of Asian Studies, University of Hawaii, 1965. (Ref +Z3261 .C84) (2 v.)

Francis, Simon. Brunei Checklist : a Bibliography of English-Language References Relating to Brunei Darussalam. Hull : University of Hull, Centre for South-East Asian Studies, 1993. (Ref +Z3261 .F81) (Bibliography and literature series ; 10.)

Horton, A. V. M. A Critical Guide to Source Material Relating to Brunei : with Special Reference to the British Residential Era, 1906-1959. Bordesley, Worcestershire, U.K. : A.V.M. Horton, 1994. (Ref ++Z3261 .H82 1994)

Krausse, Sylvia C. Engelen and Gerald H. Krausse. Brunei. Oxford, England ; Santa Barbara, Calif. : Clio, 1988. (Ref Z3248 .B7 K91) (World Bibliographical Series, v. 93)

History Sources

General Histories

Brown, Donald E. Brunei : the structure and history of a Bornean Malay . Brunei : Brunei Museum, 1970. (DS646.35 .B87)

Horton, A. V. M. The British residency in Brunei, 1906-1959 . Hull : University of Hull, Centre for South-East Asian Studies, 1984. (Occasional paper (University of Hull. Centre for South-East Asian Studies) ; no. 6.)

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Ranjit Singh. Brunei, 1839-1983 : the problems of political survival. Singapore ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1991. (DS646.357 .R36 1991)

Saunders, Graham E. A history of Brunei. London ; New York : RoutledgeCurzon, 2002. (DS 650.5 .S28x 2002)

Tarling, Nicholas. Britain, the Brookes, and Brunei. Kuala Lumpur, New York, Oxford University Press, 1971. (+ DS646.35 T18)

Turnbull, C. M. A history of Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei. Sydney, Australia; Boston : Allen & Unwin , 1989 (DS596 .T94 1989)

Wright, L. R. The origins of British Borneo. Hong Kong : Hong Kong University Press, 1970. (DS646.3 .W95 1970)


Horton, A. V. M. Negara Brunei Darussalam : a biographical dictionary, 1860-1997. Bordesley, Worcestershire, U.K. : A.V.M. Horton, 1998. (Ref DS 650 .44 .H82 1998) Ranjit Singh and Jatswan S. Sidhu. Historical dictionary of Brunei Darussalam.

Sidhu, Jatswan S. Historical dictionary of Brunei Darussalam. Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, 2017 (Ref DS 650.5 .S56 2017)


Francis, Simon. Borneo in history : a catalogue of books in the Borneo collection of the University Library describing Borneo before 1960. Brunei Darussalam : University Library, University Brunei Darussalam, 1990. (Siri bibliografi Perpustakaan U.B.D. ;no. 4.) (Ref + Z 3246 .U68x 1990)

Horton, A. V. M. A critical guide to source material relating to Brunei: with special reference to the British residential era, 1906-1959 Bordesley, Worcestershire, U.K. : A.V.M. Horton, c1994. (Ref ++ Z 3261 .H82 1994)

Normah Yahya. Local history collection : an annotated bibliography. Kota Kinabalu : Sabah State Library, 1993. (Ref + Z 3246 .N67x 1993)

Simanjuntak, S. Hasnah. Bibliografi mengenai sejarah, politik dan pemerintahan Negara Brunei Darussalam = Bibliography on history, politics and government of Brunei Darussalam. Gadong : Perpustakaan Universiti Brunei Darussalam, 1987. (+ Z3264.H6 S58 1987a)


Book Chapters

These bibliographies contain articles/chapters about Southeast Asia from edited books that do not have words connected with Southeast Asia in the title. They are articles that could therefore easily be missed. For example in the book Women fielding danger: negotiating ethnographic identities in field research (edited by Martha K. Huggins and Marie-Louise Glebbeek), there is a chapter titled “Secrecy and trust in the affective field: conducting fieldwork in Burma” by Monique Skidmore.

BF: Psychology

Brunei Darussalam (Kumaraswamy and Suppiah)
Chapter Author:  Narasappa Kumaraswamy and Chandraseagran Suppiah
Book Title:  The Oxford handbook of the history of psychology: global perspectives
Book Author(s):  edited by David B. Baker
Call Number: BF81 .O94 2012 +

BL-BX: Religion

Islam in governance and statecraft in Brunei
Chapter Author:  Farish A Noor
Book Title:  Islam and peace-building in the Asia-Pacific
Book Author(s):  [edited by] Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
Call Number: BP171 .I845 2016

D: History

Brunei's contested sea border with China
Chapter Author:  Ian Storey
Book Title:  Beijing's power and China's borders : twenty neighbors in Asia
Book Author(s):  edited by Bruce A. Elleman, Stephen Kotkin, and Clive Schofield
Call Number: DS33.4.C5 B45 2013
Islam in Brunei Darussalam and global Islam: an analysis of their interaction
Chapter Author:  Iik Arifin Mansurnoor
Book Title:  World Islam: critical concepts in Islamic studies [vol. 2]
Book Author(s):  edited by Andrew Rippin
Call Number: DS35.63 .W57 2008
A century of contributions by Indians in Negara Brunei Darussalam
Chapter Author:  A. Mani
Book Title:  Rising India and Indian communities in East Asia
Book Author(s):  edited by K. Kesavapany, A. Mani, P. Ramasamy
Call Number: DS523.4.E28 R574 2008

HG: Finance

Singapore and Brunei: lessons for monetary clusters within East Asia
Chapter Author:  Ngiam Kee Jin
Book Title:  East Asia’s monetary future : integration in the global economy
Book Author(s):  edited by Suthiphand Chirathivat, Emil-Maria Claassen, Jürgen Schroeder
Call Number: HG1270.5 .I58 2001
Role of Payment and Settlement Systems in Monetary Policy and Financial Stability: Brunei Darussalam
Chapter Author:  Dk Sri Joedianna Pg Hj Mohammed
Book Title:  Role of payment and settlement systems in monetary policy and financial stability
Book Author(s):  edited by Aloysius Donanto H. Wibowo
Call Number: HG1692 .R65 2013
Exploratory Research into Islamic Financial Literacy in Brunei Darussalam
Chapter Author:  Rose Abdullah & Ahmad Lufti Haji Abdul Razak
Book Title:  Islamic financial literacy
Book Author(s):  edited by Abdul Ghafar Ismail, Rose Abdullah, Khalifa mohamed Ali
Call Number: HG187.4 .I72 2016
The development of capital markets in Brunei Darussalam
Chapter Author:  by Irene Yap Tsue Ing and Dk. Sri Joedianna Pg. Hj. Mohammad
Book Title:  The development of domestic bond market and its implication to central bank : countries' experiences
Book Author(s):  Bambang Kusmiarso, project leader
Call Number: HG5740.8.A3 D48 2005

J: Political Science

Brunei Darussalam : participation in ASEAN and ASEAN Plus Three
Chapter Author:  Azaharaini HJ. Mohd. Jamil
Book Title:  Regional community building in East Asia : countries in focus
Book Author(s):  edited by Lee Lai To and Zarina Othman
Call Number: JZ1720 .R43 2017

K: Law

Informed by ideology : a review of the court reforms in Brunei Darussalam
Chapter Author:  Ann Black
Book Title:  New courts in Asia
Book Author(s):  edited by Andrew Harding and Penelope (Pip) Nicholson
Call Number: KNC459 .N49x 2010
Brunei Darussalam : ideology and law in a Malay sultanate
Chapter Author:  E. Ann Black
Book Title:  Law and legal institutions of Asia : traditions, adaptations and innovations
Book Author(s):  edited by E. Ann Black and Gary F. Bell
Call Number: KNC79 .L39x 2011

L: Education

Lesson study in Brunei Darussalam: Changing the paradigm for teaching and learning
Chapter Author:  K. Wood, J.H. Jaidin, R. Jawawi, J.S.H.Q. Perera, S. Salleh, M. Shahrill, S. Sithamparam
Book Title:  Routledge international handbook of schools and schooling in Asia
Book Author(s):  edited by Kerry J. Kennedy and John Chi-Kin Lee
Call Number: LA1051 .R675 2018 +
Schooling in Brunei Darussalam
Chapter Author:  Stephen G. Upex
Book Title:  Going to school in East Asia
Book Author(s):  edited by Gerard A. Postiglione and Jason Tan
Call Number: LA1141 .G65 2007
Preparing teachers to meet the challenges of inclusive education in Negara Brunei Darussalam
Chapter Author:  Kathleen Tait and Lawrence Mundia
Book Title:  Future directions for inclusive teacher education: an international perspective
Book Author(s):  edited by Chris Forlin
Call Number: LB1707 .F88 2012
Realising teacher quality through a Master of Teaching programme in Brunei Darussalam
Chapter Author:  Saratha Sithamparam
Book Title:  Practical knowledge in teacher education : approaches to teacher internship programmes
Book Author(s):  edited by Javier Calvo de Mora, Keith Wood
Call Number: LB1707 .P7 2014
From Lesson to Learning Study – The Experience of Classroom-Based Professional Development in Brunei Darussalam
Chapter Author:  Vincent Andrew
Book Title:  Realising learning : teachers' professional development through lesson and learning study
Book Author(s):  edited by Keith Wood and Saratha Sithamparam
Call Number: LB1731 .R345 2015

M: Music

Brunei Dusun's Siram Ditaan: Preservation Issues
Chapter Author:  Pudarno Binchin
Book Title:  Music : ethics and the community
Book Author(s):  editors, Gisa Jähnichen, Made Mantle Hood, Chinthaka Prageeth Meddegoda
Call Number: ML3916 .M82 2015

P: Language and Literature

Talking knowledge into being in an upriver primary school in Brunei
Chapter Author:  Peter Martin
Book Title:  Reclaiming the local in language policy and practice
Book Author(s):  edited by A. Suresh Canagarajah
Call Number: P119.3 .R43 2005
Malaysia and Brunei
Chapter Author:  Asmah Haji Omar
Book Title:  Language and national identity in Asia
Book Author(s):  edited by Andrew Simpson
Call Number: P119.32.A78 L36 2007
It's not always English: 'Duelling Aunties' in Brunei Darussalam
Chapter Author:  Noor Azam Haji-Othman
Book Title:  English language as hydra : its impacts on non-English language cultures
Book Author(s):  edited by Vaughan Rapatahana and Pauline Bunce
Call Number: P130.52.P16 E54 2012

P: Philology/Linguistics

Brunei Darussalam (Abdullah)
Chapter Author:  Kamsiah Abdullah
Book Title:  Language policies and language education : the impact in East Asian countries in the next decade
Book Author(s):  edited by Ho Wah Kam & Ruth Y. L. Wong
Call Number: P119.32.A78 L36 2004
Multilingual and multicultural identities in Brunei Darussalam
Chapter Author:  Mukul Saxena
Book Title:  Language policy, culture, and identity in Asian contexts
Book Author(s):  edited by Amy B.M. Tsui, James W. Tollefson
Call Number: P119.32.A78 L37 2007
English-Malay Border Crossings: A Study of Code-Switching in Brunei Darussalam
Chapter Author:  Nesamalar Chitravelu and Rosnah Ramly
Book Title:  Border crossings: moving between languages & cultural frameworks
Book Author(s):  editors, Lee Su Kim, Thang Siew Ming, Lee King Siong
Call Number: P35.5.A78 B67 2007
Mass media in Brunei Darussalam
Chapter Author:  Che Mahzan Ahmad
Book Title:  Mass media in selected Muslim countries 2nd ed.
Book Author(s):  editor, Mohd. Yusof Hussain
Call Number: P92.I77 M38 2008

PE: English Language

English teacher preparation in Brunei Darussalam : an overview of the master of teaching programme from multiple perspectives
Chapter Author:  Ishamina Athirah Gardiner, Sarah Boye, Sallimah M. Salleh, Norashikin Yusof
Book Title:  English language teacher preparation in Asia: policy, research and practice
Book Author(s):  edited by Subhan Zein and Richmond Stroupe
Call Number: PE1068.A7 E66 2019
Advancing achievement through value-added measures : a study on English teacher preparation in Brunei
Chapter Author:  Mayyer Ling and Rinni Haji Amran
Book Title:  English language teacher preparation in Asia: policy, research and practice
Book Author(s):  edited by Subhan Zein and Richmond Stroupe
Call Number: PE1068.A7 E66 2019
English Language Teaching in Brunei Darussalam: Continuity and Change
Chapter Author:  Peter Martin and Kamsiah Abdullah
Book Title:  English language teaching in East Asia today : changing policies and practices
Book Author(s):  edited by Ho Wah Kam & Ruth Y.L. Wong
Call Number: PE1068.E27 E65 2004
English in Brunei: ‘She Speaks Excellent English’ – ‘No, He Doesn’t’
Chapter Author:  Alistair Wood, Alex Henry, Malai Ayla Surya Bte Malai Hj Abdullah and Adrian Clynes
Book Title:  Asian Englishes : changing perspectives in a globalised world
Book Author(s):  edited by Lawrence Jun Zhang, Rani Rubdy & Lubna Alsagoff
Call Number: PE3501 .A86 2011

Q: Science

Singapore and Brunei Darussalam: internationalisation and globalisation through practices and a bilateral mathematics study
Chapter Author:  Khoon Yoong Wong [and others]
Book Title:  Internationalisation and globalisation in mathematics and science education
Book Author(s):  edited by Bill Atweh ... [et al.]
Call Number: QA12 .I58 2007

T: Technology

Energy conservation policy development in Brunei
Chapter Author:  JianJun Tu
Book Title:  Energy conservation in East Asia : towards greater energy security
Book Author(s):  editors, Elspeth Thomson, Youngho Chang, Jae-Seung Lee
Call Number: TJ163.27 Ene 2011

U: Military Science

Brunei: Multifaceted Survival Strategies of a Small State
Chapter Author:  Cheng-Chwee Kuik and Bridget Welsh
Book Title:  Asian security handbook: terrorism and the new security environment [3rd Edition]
Book Author(s):  William M. Carpenter and David G. Wiencek, editors
Call Number: UA830 .A842 2005