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Union Catalog System

Union catalogs are collective catalogs of a large number of libraries, including many non-US libraries that share information about their holdings. While WorldCat, a union catalog for many academic and public libraries in the world, serves as a major library database resource, other union catalog search resources such as CALIS in China, Webcat & Tokyo University OPAC in Japan, and KOLIS-Net in Korea are now available and serve as “WorldCat” equivalents in East Asia. 

Region Database Name / Catalog Title Brief Description of the Database

United States 


Catalog Title:


OCLC WorldCat contains more than 1 billion cataloging items by 10,000 OCLC member libraries. The database contains bibliographic records of books, journals, maps, visual materials and etc. WorldCat allows users to enter terms in East Asian scripts (Chinese, Japanese and Korean), as well as Romanization, to search and locate the item.

Mainland China  


China Academic Library and Information System 


CALIS is a nation-wide collaborative project of China’s academic libraries started in 1998 with the primary service center located in Beijing University. It accepts Chinese as well as English as search input. Both simplified and traditional Chinese would yield the same search result. However, CALIS does not accept pinyin as a search input.   



 National Bibliographic Information Network


A total of 79 libraries in Taiwan, including major academic libraries, participate in this system. 



Hong Kong  

Hong Kong Academic Library Union Catalog   

Seven university libraries in Hong Kong participate in this system. 




National Library Board Union Catalog

This system covers all academic, public, and governmental libraries in Singapore. 

United Kindom 

UK Union Catalog of Chinese Books   

The UK Union Catalogue of Chinese Books contains records from the British Library, Cambridge, Durham, Edinburgh, Leeds, Oxford and SOAS.



European Virtual OPA for Chinese Studies 

Sixteen major Sinological libraries in Europe (Germany, the U.K, France, and Belgium) participate in this system.    


Webcat Plus 

Webcat Plus is the system for searching the online union catalog database of books and journals held in university libraries in Japan.


The University of Tokyo OPAC 


The University of Tokyo OPAC allows users to search the holdings of the over 50 libraries in the University of Tokyo system. It shows users the contents of a book in the University of Tokyo system by checking the Book Contents link at the end of each line (under ISBN). The catalog has both an English and Japanese search screen. The search screen also allows users to search Webcat either on its own or in combination with the OPAC.



Korean Library Information Service Network  

KOLIS serves as the online union catalog database for 550 libraries in South Korea. The database can handle search requests and display of items not only in Korean and English, but also in Japanese, archaic hangul, Russian, and Greek scripts.